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SAHM Remote Support

Expert assistance in real time. As good as if we were there.

SAHM Remote Support

Expert assistance in real time. As good as if we were there.

In the event of a machine or system malfunction, SAHM Remote Support makes it possible for SAHM service technicians to carry out immediate real-time diagnostics. This lets our technicians conduct precise analytic tests with the machines and device hardware and software on a remote basis to accelerate the process of fault localization and move towards a solution.

Your benefits at a glance
Fast response times
Highly cost-efficient
Overall increase in system availability
Retrofitting available starting with HMI2 systems

Deploying the solution

Worldwide. Fast. Safe and secure.

Deploying the solution

Worldwide. Fast. Safe and secure.

The Remote Service Site Manager is a remote maintenance router with its own integrated firewall that gives SAHM service technicians fast and secure access to the machine software at locations anywhere in the world.

New SAHM models can be equipped with the Remote Service Site Manager ex works when the Remote Service option is chosen. For SAHM machines that have already been delivered, installation and setup of the Remote Service Site Manager is possible in most cases (starting with HMI2 systems).

To check on Remote Support availability for your SAHM machines, simply send us information on your machine type via the form below and we will get back to you.

Remote Support functions

Access or control. The decision is yours.

Remote Support functions

Access or control. The decision is yours.

Two levels of support are available with SAHM Remote Support:
With the remote access (read access) option, SAHM service technicians are able to view a machine’s HMI operating terminal and to check it using the Systems Diagnostic Manager. This makes it possible to read logbook entries and application data, but it is not possible to make any changes in the settings. With this degree of access, SAHM technicians can identify potential problems and provide fast and targeted input to assist the customer’s maintenance personnel.
With the remote control option (read/write access), SAHM service technicians have the capability to control the HMI terminal (including updating software and adjusting parameters) in addition to simply reading data from the HMI terminal as in the first option. This makes it possible to provide more extensive support to the customer’s maintenance team. Not included in this remote control option is the capability to start a winding head or a reference run. These functions can always only be carried out directly by the customer’s on-site maintenance personnel.

Maximum safety and security:
The release of a machine for a Remote Support session has to be manually approved by the customer for each application. The customer authorizes SAHM’s access to the Remote Support Site Manager via a mechanical key switch. Without the activation of this release, the machine is not accessible to SAHM customer service personnel and no data can be read.


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When Remote Support is ordered in connection with a new machine, installation and setup of the Remote Support Site Manager is carried out by SAHM Customer Service as part of machine commissioning at no extra charge.

When Remote Support is ordered for previously delivered machines, installation and setup of the Remote Support Site Manager is a fee-based service. SAHM Customer Service will be happy to provide you with an individual quotation.



SAHM online Remote Support is provided free of charge during the warranty period of the machine/system. Prerequisite for the free service is an implemented Site Manager.
For the time after the warranty period, the SAHM Customer Service Center will be happy to prepare an offer tailored to your needs.
The warranty ceases to apply in the event of customer negligence.


Remote Support is carried out by appointment with the SAHM Customer Service Center. As a rule, Remote Support service is available from Monday to Friday between 7:00 - 17:00 (UTC+1). In very urgent cases, it is possible to deviate from these times by prior arrangement.


Remote Support services are provided either in German or in English.


The company Georg Sahm GmbH & Co. KG (SAHM) can only see and control the machine HMI. Based on the information coming from the machine HMI, SAHM can draw conclusions about other components, including the winding head. This data is confidential and is only used to rectify machine faults.

Updating of machine software and parameters can only occur after commissioning/approval by the customer and is only possible in remote control mode. The HMI firmware and the databases remain unaffected.

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