Müller & SAHM

Advanced Technology for Narrow Slitting and Traverse Winding.

Detail photo of a yarn path
Müller & SAHM

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In the converting industry field, SAHM together with long-time partner company Adolf Müller GmbH & Co. KG (www.mueller-machines.com) of Scheessel offers leading and proven technology for inline cutting and winding of narrow tapes. Applications are primarily for security threads (e.g. banknotes, credit cards, bonds, identification documents), tear tapes (e.g. for food and cigarette packaging), uses in the cable and packaging industries as well as special tapes for the composites field. Single or multiple layer tapes of various specifications, from minimum 20 µm thickness and 1 mm width, are cut at speeds up to 300 m/min and rewound as so-called pancakes or parallel bobbins of ideal quality, bobbin shape and size. 

MÜLLER and SAHM with their inline slitting & rewinding system hold technological and market leadership in a number of fields, having pooled their technical-technological expertise in a convincing, jointly developed concept. This applies not only to standard installations, but also to flexible customer-oriented solutions reflecting the ongoing new challenges of a continuously growing market segment.


75 years innovative winding technology