Made with SAHM Winding Technology.

[Translate to 03 - Chinesisch:] Formula 1 raceing car - parts of it are made out of Carbon Fibers.
Carbon Fiber applications

Solutions for Carbon Fiber

Auto racing can no longer do without the miracle material, carbon: The monocoque alone of a Formula 1 racing car is made from approximately 1500 carbon fiber sheets. Carbon is - stronger than steel, but about five times lighter: That makes for speed and saves fuel. But carbon has also found its way into many other applications we encounter daily: Airplane components, walking sticks, fishing rods, bicycles and many other items are made from this material.


Usually between 1,000 and 20,000 fibers are processed to form the yarn. The statement "Made with SAHM Winding Technology“ comes with our promise that your carbon fibers will be wound with the highest possible precision for a positive impact on the quality of the final material.

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75 years innovative winding technology

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