Made with SAHM Winding Technology.

[Translate to 03 - Chinesisch:] Banknotes. Safety strips of it are spooled on SAHM machines
Converting applications

Solutions for the Converting Industry

Around the globe, banknotes of practically every currency are made counterfeit-proof with security tapes and holograms — security features which require the utmost precision. So it is no surprise that a large part of the world’s production of these complex strips is wound and unwound using converting technology from SAHM.


In addition to security tapes and holograms, SAHM also offers sophisticated solutions for winding film tapes and aluminium composite films as well as paper bands and adhesive tapes. “Made with SAHM Winding Technology” is our promise of quality, because optimally wound material is the ideal prerequisite for top quality end products.

75 years innovative winding technology

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